Office Products

Financing solutions that make the latest office equipment affordable and accessible

ECN Capital helps manufacturers and businesses drive profitability through its vendor and direct financing for all types of office equipment and systems.

We offer office equipment manufacturers and distributors flexible, prompt financing to facilitate the sales process.

Competitive businesses realize productivity increases by acquiring and upgrading office equipment to leverage today’s rapidly advancing technology. They also want to manage budgets, improve cash flow and know that an affordable upgrade to the latest models is easy when the time comes.

From printers and MFDs to telecommunications, computer systems and very specialized office equipment, ECN Capital’s Office Equipment Financing Team has implemented vendor and dealer financing programs for some of the largest manufacturers in today’s market. Our expertise is combined with superior systems capabilities to deliver the fastest possible service levels to give sellers the first opportunity for today’s sale and tomorrow’s upgrade.

ECN Capital’s account managers work with multi-level distribution networks – manufacturers, direct  sales organizations, branches, dealers and VARs – to help them achieve maximum results. Our service is unmatched in the industry with fast credit decisions and funding, streamlined agreements, and customized applications and lease portfolio reporting. Financing solutions are tailored to account for equipment life cycle management to maximize cash flow and ROI.

ECN Capital also specializes in direct financing solutions for the end-users of office equipment and technology.

Why ECN Capital

  • World-class vendor finance expertise for North American-based solutions
  • Direct end-user financing for individual transactions from $10,000 to $10 million with innovative financial structures
  • Industry expertise with proven track record
  • Nimble and responsive team offering flexible financing options
  • Fast credit decisions and funding
  • Streamlined agreements
  • Customized applications and lease portfolio reporting
  • Financing solutions are tailored to account for equipment life cycle management to maximize cash flow and ROI.

Products and services

  • Standard lease/loans
  • Lease purchase
  • Full payout leases
  • Deferred and seasonal payment options
  • Refinancing

Asset focus

  • Printers and MFDs (Multi-Functional Devices)
  • Telecommunications and computer systems
  • Specialized office equipment
  • Software